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Bangur Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata

About Us

Of all the branches of Medicine and surgery, Neuroscience is rapidly developing specialty. Many a Many areas of the neurosciences are still unexplored. The human behavior cognition has always drawn attention of all biological scientists. It is still continuing to fascinate them. Across the world researches from all spheres are engaged in unfolding the mystery of human mind and brain. It is now clear that a multidisciplinary research would only help in understanding and exploring the complicated aspects of Neurosciences. That is the reason the 21st century has termed as the century of neurosciences.


All over the world, various subspecialties of neurosciences are working in tandem to understand these illnesses and to manage them. To develop human resources in this field, to carry out research, and also to provide management to the ailing patients, institutes have been developed all over the world and also in India with all branches of Neurosciences under one umbrella in India the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) at Bangalore is one such institute that was developed with the same idea.

The Bangur Institute of Neurosciences is the only center for Neurological Sciences in the state and in eastern India. Since its inception it has grown with active effort of the Government and support from all spheres. It has attained an excellent reputation as a center of excellence of the Neurological Sciences in the country. It is an annex of the institute of Postgraduate Medical and Research (IPGME &R) and SSKM Hospital in the field of academy.  In the year of 2004, the institute became partially independent with approval of a post of Director. The institute has been growing in every sphere. It provides comprehensive patient care of all neurological illnesses, imparting training and teaching to postgraduate and post-doctoral students, and carries our research.

Vision and Mission

  • The Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, also known as BIN, was established decades ( mid ’70) ago with the vision of becoming a premier neurological institution- to serve the academic needs of Neurology in India especially in the eastern region of the country, and more importantly, to serve its people with a humanitarian mind . This institute has persisted on its journey and has achieved, at least partially, what it was meant to. It has produced eminent scholars, leading neurologists of India and continues to produce more, thus contributing to the development and enrichment of the neurosciences in India. It loves to shape the minds of young neurology enthusiasts in a well-oriented academic environment by precious guidance from the distinguished seniors of the field. It continues to contribute to the latest in Neurology by consistent spread of research work in various branches of the subject. It also provides the most recent available investigations and therapeutics. However, a vital part of this institute is its patients. Every member of this institute strives hard to help those who need it. Everyone here is prepared to go the extra mile to serve the patients. With the foundation of scientific prowess and clinical excellence, this institute stands firm in its belief- science for humanity.